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The Philharmonie de Paris invites itself to your home

“If you don’t come to the music, the music will come to you. “Since the confinement, every night, the Philharmonie de Paris puts a live concert online on its website. And gives you free access to its catalogue of hundreds of concerts presented in their entirety! A great gift for music lovers.

The Philharmonie de Paris designates both an institution and a concert hall inaugurated in 2015. It also includes the Cité de la musique de la Villette, a practice and concert space opened in 1995. The Cité de la musique also houses the Musée de la Musique and a media library.

The Philharmonie de Paris aims to be a meeting place for all music lovers, whoever they may be. Every year it hosts numerous festivals. Jazz, contemporary music, classical concerts: every genre has its place!

Due to a health crisis, the Philharmonic had to close its doors and cancel its concerts. There is no question of depriving music lovers of beautiful moments of music. So every evening at 8.30 pm, the Philharmonie offers “the concert of the day”. The programme is very varied and draws on the Philharmonic’s archives. Beethoven, Mozart, Ravel invite themselves into your living room, performed by exceptional musicians in an exceptional hall.

You missed your daily musical appointment? Don’t panic, these recordings are available for several days. The site also offers videos of interviews recorded at the Philharmonie de Paris, documentaries, books, resources for young audiences…

So that music continues to enchant your days and evenings, visit the Philharmonie website.

Photo credit: Gala 15-01-2015-Grande salle Pierre Boulez © William Beaucardet

The treasure hunt in Montmartre, an original and fun way to discover Paris

In May, let’s stick together! At a time of deconfinement, more than ever, let us participate together to limit the spread of Covid-19. The health situation still requires caution and restrictions on movement. But nothing prevents you from dreaming about what you will be able to do when Paris opens up to visitors again. A treasure hunt in Montmartre for example?

An unusual visit for a great classic! Montmartre is a must for any Parisian stay. To spice up the visit, how about a giant treasure hunt?

The formula really has everything to please. First of all, it’s for everyone (your children will love it). Secondly, it allows you to discover the mythical monuments of the district but also less known corners. And above all, it offers an excellent moment of entertainment! Equipped with a bag full of accessories and a road book, each group sets off for 2 to 3 hours of play. Ready to warm up your brains and calves?

The Cachette de Paris for example offers four different courses, to be chosen according to the age of the participants. All of them will take you through the streets of Montmartre in search of clues. The objective? To solve the enigma exposed at the beginning of the game.

The apprentice investigators will also be able to exercise their talent with “Mystère à Montmartre”, another treasure hunt orchestrated by the Qui veut pister? team.

The treasure hunts in Paris are suspended until further notice. Nevertheless, please do not hesitate to visit and for all the useful information. And find the adventure to note in your post-pandemic “to do list”!

Choco-Story, the Chocolate Museum and its workshops

Post-confinement output idea: Choco-Story. In this museum, he is the king: chocolate! Crunchy, melt-in-the-mouth, in bars, in candies, in spreads, dark, milk, white or even red, it comes in a thousand and one ways. To be visited as soon as the health situation allows it! In the meantime, here’s a little foretaste to make your mouth water.

Gourmets will love it, others will find it hard to resist. But be patient.

The idea of this Chocolate Museum is above all to make the public discover the history of cocoa and chocolate. Thus, from room to room, you will learn everything about its origin and its evolution, the methods of manufacture, the ingredients used.

The first two parts are like a real journey through time, taking you on the traces of the Mayas, Christopher Columbus and up to the present day.

Then it’s time for practice at the demonstration centre. There, expert chocolate makers will share all their secrets with you. And the icing on the cake: they give you a taste. Here you can taste without moderation, everything is eaten, except the sculptures!

Indeed, the museum exhibits incredible chocolate creations that can reach up to 3 m in height!

Finally, for an even more total immersion, sign up for the workshops organised all year round. Accompanied by a chocolate maker, you will make your own creations. Yummy!

When you get out of the confinement, come and treat yourself to chocolate at Choco-Story, on Bonne-Nouvelle Boulevard, just a few blocks from the Appia Lafayette Hotel.

Turner lights up the Jacquemart-André museum

This is the spring event at the Jacquemart-André Museum: a retrospective devoted to Turner. From 13 March to 20 July, some of the master’s paintings and watercolours from the prestigious collection of the TATE Britain in London will be on display. An opportunity to discover a more intimate facet of the artist.

Why don’t you bring a little British flair to your Parisian stay? No need to cross the Channel, just head for the Jacquemart-André Museum. An exhibition of 60 watercolours and some 10 oil paintings awaits you, all signed by the greatest representative of the golden age of English watercolour painting.

These works have a peculiarity. They come from the artist’s private fund, which was bequeathed to the British nation upon his death in 1856. This exceptional collection includes a large number of works (paintings, studies, drawings, sketches, watercolours…) made for the artist’s own pleasure. These productions, not intended for sale, thus reveal a very personal work, full of spontaneity and expressiveness that tells us a lot about Turner’s true nature. Small bonus: some of these works have never been presented in France.

The Jacquemart-André Museum has chosen to honour watercolour. For Joseph Mallord William Turner, this technique was a real field of exploration that undoubtedly influenced his artistic evolution and his own technique.

Along the route, chronological, let yourself be bewitched by the effects of light, the play of transparency on the English landscapes or the Venetian lagoons; let yourself be surprised by the modernity of this great Romantic painter.

Discover the retrospective “Turner, paintings and watercolours” at the Jacquemart-André museum. All useful information is on the website:

Photo Credit: Jacquemart-André Museum

Exhibition “Of Love” at the Palais de la Découverte

Fancy, it’s Valentine’s Day! And if there is an exhibition of circumstance, it is the Palais de la Découverte. Entitled “Of Love”, it invites you to question this mysterious feeling that occupies such a large place in our lives. To be discovered together of course, on February 14th or another day: the exhibition remains visible until August 30th!

What is love? The Palais de la Découverte tries to answer this vast and important question through its two thematic galleries.

On the program for your stroll, participative games, multimedia supports and spectacular installations. The aim is to take you on a journey through contemporary scientific work on the subject, in biology, neuroscience, psychology, sociology, anthropology. Not forgetting art, of course, and all its expressions.

First step: the gallery of attachments. Did you know that where the French uses only one word, “amour”, the Greek uses four words? Érōs, desire, carnal passion; storgê, family love; agapē, selfless love and philía, friendship, social bond. You will then be asked to analyse a set of objects, situations, poems, quotations, images… through the prism of these four words. With the latest scientific research on the subject as a guarantee.

Second step: the science gallery, where we will talk about molecules, hormones, neuronal circuits. But not only that. Here, neuroscientists, sociologists, sexologists, psychoanalysts and philosophers address seven eclectic questions ranging from “Online love” to “The art of loving others” to “How is sexuality made? »

In February, make your hearts beat in unison at the Palais de la Découverte!

Photo credit : ® N Breton

Reading Night 2020

Reading, solitary activity? The 4th Night of Reading intends to prove you wrong! Placed under the sign of sharing, this new edition invites everyone to gather on January 18, 2020 for a festive moment around books. And what better place than libraries and bookstores to welcome all these little people?

What kind of reader are you? Emaciated or casual? What kind do you like? Black novel, love story, fantasy story, comic book, periodical? Which is your favourite medium: paper or digital? What if you took advantage of your stay in Paris to talk about reading and above all have a good time in good company?

Appointment is given to you on Saturday, January 18 in libraries and bookstores. In Paris, but also everywhere in France and even abroad. They have prepared a multitude of animations and activities for you: read aloud, escape games, workshops in pyjamas or music, debates, meetings with authors, illustrators, storytellers… There is something for all tastes, for all ages. For the idea of this beautiful event is to bring together a very large and varied public, including also those who are not familiar with books and reading.

Those of you staying at the Appia Hotel, don’t miss the special Boris Vian evening, which will be held on January 18 at the Paris bookshop, Place Clichy. The author of L’Écume des jours was a regular here. On the program: texts read by surprise guests, strong voices and emotions…

Placez votre séjour parisien sous le signe du plaisir de lire ! Pour connaître le programme, consultez le site :

Christmas: when Paris lights up….

As the Christmas and New Year approaches, the City of Light is playing the big game. Sparkling garlands, rain of stars, sparkling firs… Paris adorns itself with a thousand lights and becomes at nightfall the setting for an enchanting walk. From the Appia Hotel, let yourself be carried away for a dazzling stroll!

Not to be missed Grands Boulevards! Located 20 minutes walk from the Appia Hotel, they will be your first stop. If these major arteries are worth a visit for their pretty luminous scenery, they are of course also worth it for their department stores. How could you not marvel at their richly decorated facades and splendid Christmas windows?

A little further on, your steps lead you to the Garnier Opera House, sumptuously illuminated, before taking you to Place Vendôme. There, a stopover is required to admire its luminous finery and luxurious windows. A little hungry? The Christmas chalet at the Ritz Paris, located on the square, will delight the most delicate taste buds with the creations of the palace’s pastry chef, François Perret.

Then leave the square and take the elegant rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré. Every year the streets of the Faubourg are decorated with a shimmering decor, all in finesse and harmony. Chic and prestigious, in the image of the district.

From there, you are very close to Avenue Montaigne, another artery famous for its illuminations and entertainment. On the program this year: magical settings, gourmet surprises and creative workshops.

But here you are already at the high point of your trip: the Champs-Élysées! Launched on November 24, the illuminations of the world’s largest avenue make the long perspective sparkle red. A delight to be enjoyed without moderation.

In December, discover illuminated Paris and let yourself be won over by the magic of Christmas!

Hôtel Appia - Festival des lumières

The Festival of Lights is a real eye-opener

In view of the success of the first edition, the Festival des lumières du Jardin des Plantes de Paris could only repeat the operation. In fact, the 2nd edition will be held from November 18, with a new theme: Ocean in the process of being illuminated. Make way for the majestic ballets of the animals that inhabit our seabed.
Great and enchanting. There are many adjectives to describe the very beautiful light show orchestrated by the Jardin des Plantes. Everything happens at nightfall, when the sky goes out. No fear of getting lost, the route is carefully prepared and marked out.
Everything starts at Place Valhubert with a walk on the tropical coast followed by a dive into the warm seas. The adventure continues in the depths of the abyss where mysterious and strange creatures live. Finally, it is on the side of the icy seas of the poles that this journey ends.
And what a journey! Along the way, dozens of bright and colourful creatures accompany you, amaze you, and make you aware of the fragility of the oceans and the vulnerability of their inhabitants. A poetic and didactic journey, whose magic will be remembered above all.
Please note: due to the high attendance expected, tickets are purchased and booked online only. This may not exempt you from queuing, but it should certainly reduce it!
By 2018, the event had attracted 370,000 visitors in two months. Will you be one of them this year?
Hotel Appia invites you to the Jardin des Plantes for an extraordinary odyssey!

Hôtel Appia - Vendanges

It’s the Harvest Festival in Montmartre!

Every year, Montmartre organizes its traditional Harvest Festival! When it comes to harvesting, there are vines, grapes and wine, all of which are watered with a good dose of good humour and friendliness! From October 9 to 13, mingle in this joyful farandole which this year celebrates the Cuvée des Couleurs. Guaranteed 100% Parisian and festive!
At the beginning of October, it is in the 18th arrondissement of Paris that you have to be. For four days, the festival is in full swing in the eight districts of the Borough. On the programme: music with a host of free live concerts, the must-see taste trail, a participatory fashion show, a night and fluorescent run, shows, walks, visits, a citizen picnic with world flavours, a grand ball…
To participate in the Harvest Festival is to immerse yourself in the authentic Paris, to discover one of the ancient suburbs of the capital through streets, gardens and emblematic places. It also means taking full advantage of the creations and emerging talents of the 21st century: a successful blend of past and present, enhanced by a sparkling palette of colours! Find them again as you walk around, in the shop windows, on the steps of the Montmartre hill transformed for the occasion, and of course in the beautiful red and pink dresses of the 2018 vintage of Clos Montmartre. Because let us not forget that it is first of all to celebrate the small vineyard of La Butte that every year, for 86 years, inhabitants, Parisians and visitors have gathered to celebrate.
This autumn, in Paris, Hotel Appia invites you to discover the Harvest Festival, the third event in the capital after Paris-Plage and the Nuit Blanche operation! To consume without moderation!

We’re going to jazz at the Villette!

Ending the summer with music at the Jazz à la Villette festival… From 29th August to 10th September, La Villette is getting into jazz time, aiming to cross all genres and trends, from yesterday to today, from Paris to Bamako. A festival of jazz legends, discoveries, travels and above all pleasure!

Marcus Miller, Lee Fields, Omara Portuondo (for whom it will be the last tour), Oumou Sangaré, Kenny Garrett, Archie Shepp, Yasiin Bey (a.k.a. Mos Def), Joshua Redman… You dreamt of it? Jazz à la Villette invited them all. Big names in jazz who will make you want to see that will make you foregt summer is over! But that’s not all, far from it. In total, 50 bands will be welcomed for 12 live concert dates.

In addition to the headliners, you will have the opportunity to attend the concerts of many talents, future stars of the genre, discover a wide range of music from free jazz to hip hop, experience some new events, dance at the festival’s Swing Ball, share concerts and workshops with your children through the « Jazz à la Villette for kids ».

Highlights of the festival include the closing concert “Respect to Aretha”, a tribute to Aretha Franklin; the exclusive meeting between BCUC South Africans and Sons of Kemet from England; and finally Under The Radar, a kind of festival in the festival, dedicated to improvised music and unclassifiable projects.

One last piece of good news: from the Appia La Fayette hotel, the metro takes you directly to the Parc de la Villette in 15 minutes. Don’t miss out!


The Philharmonie de Paris invites itself to your home

“If you don’t come to the music, the music will come to you. “Since the confinement, every night, the Philharmonie de Paris puts a live concert online on its website. And gives you free access to its catalogue of hundreds of concerts presented in their entirety! A great gift for music lovers. The Philharmonie de […]

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