Hotel Appia, Paris

Standard Room

Comfortable and quiet, with amenities and bedding included.
The standard rooms are sure to make your nights in Paris pleasant and comfortable.
Area: 11.81 m² by 13 m²

Comfort Room

An intimate setting, a serene atmosphere, and spacious dimensions. The comfort rooms can accommodate 1-2 people in a double bed or twins (2 single beds).
Area: 13 m² by 13.83 m²

Luxury Room

Ample space and Parisian charm come together in the luxury rooms, which boast an elegant and intimate atmosphere.
Area: 14.4 m² by 19.79 m²

Matisse Pompidou

Henri Matisse at the Centre Pompidou

Story of a life lived for art. This could be the subtitle of the exhibition devoted to Henri Matisse at the Centre Pompidou. Entitled “Matisse as a novel”, it pays tribute to the painter on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth. To be seen until 22 February 2021. Why should you go […]

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